Nordic craft with natural ingredients

Yagel is a local craft brewery in the Murmansk region. Our products are brewed according to unique recipes in certified breweries. Over 2 years of work, more than 13 items have been created, including in cooperation with local bars, restaurants and breweries.

Our difference is in a fundamentally new approach. We use unique ingredients and produce rare sorts for true connoisseurs of quality beer:

- only high-quality basic imported ingredients (malt, hops, yeast)
- natural northern berries and plants combined with exotic additives
- author's recipe based on rare beer styles

WIPA Light Ale

IBU 45   ABV 5.8

WIPA is a very rare beer in Russia, especially in this version - with reduced bitterness, which is extremely low for an IPA according to the BJCP beer style table. Soft citrus and piney notes are flavoured to the hop composition of Citra Chinook. The sweetness is moderate, and berries and needles are sensed in the aroma. Aftertaste is moderate bitterness that quickly fades away Style - Pale Ale / International Pale Ale

New Year Ale

IBU 23   ABV 6

A seasonal holiday mildly hopped pale ale with tangerine juice and Indonesian cinnamon sticks. A sweet palette with with strong notes of tangerine and cinnamon and cinnamon in the aroma. Nuts, tangerine and cinnamon flavours, tangerine, cinnamon and moderate bitterness. A sweet, slightly acidic aftertaste flows smoothly into a into a delicate fruity one. Style - Fruited an Spiced Pale Ale

Sour Ale

IBU 8   ABV 4.7

Collaboration with the Karelian brewery @beerlin_brewery (Murmansk and Petrozavodsk, Karelia and the Kola Peninsula). A fragrant sweet and sour ale with a pronounced mango flavor. In the aroma - mango, pine needles, in the taste - mango and citrus.

The lactose sweetness and acidity of wild yeast transforms this drink into an exotic juice with northern notes. Aftertaste - pine needles and zither hops. Style - Fruited and Spiced Sour Ale

Sencha Blond Ale

IBU 25   ABV 5.8

A tart ale based on Japanese sencha tea with mint and lemon. A dense body with a dynamically changing bouquet and a bright sour lemon in the aftertaste aftertaste. Style - Tea Beer


IBU 33   ABV 5.5

Exclusive beer with the addition of juniper berry extract, which we make ourselves. The aroma contains bright juniper and autumn fruits. Spiced international pale ale with dry, bitter maltiness and a fading, subtle aftertaste.

Light ale

IBU 23   ABV 6.1

The most rare style for Russia, at least in this performance. The flavour of a walnut thanks to malt, alcohol and sweetness, and in the aroma - “essential” fruit and “Bavarian” maltiness. Sweetness, malt and hop bitterness in the aftertaste Style - Pale Ale / International Pale Ale

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